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So, once your package arrives at the local delivery address, our concierge team check the items are exactly as you’ve ordered. We even photograph them. And notify you as soon as they arrive.

How it works

How frustrating is it when you shop online and the US, UK, UAE or international vendor can’t send you the product where you want – like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt or India? You don’t need to miss out on the products you want and need. How about a better way? One where you can say ‘yes, here’s my local address - send my items there’. And, once your package arrives, your items are checked and photographed for you. Maybe you’d like items from different sellers consolidated into a new package, or items sent separately to different countries.

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Like you, I knew there had to be a better way to buy US or UK products from my UAE home. Too many small and medium-sized US businesses find it’s not worth the paperwork to export. But, often those companies, including small start-ups, have incredible merchandise - you can’t get your hands on those items unless you travel to those countries. I also didn’t need the hassle of having to consolidate or split items from different vendors to send them on to where I wanted – such as to me or my family and friends in other countries. So, I did something about those issues. I created a concierge service for online shopping, Boxit4me.

I realised if I built warehouses in the US and UK, they would be the local address. UAE shoppers would use that address to have their shopping bounty shipped locally in the US/UK. This receive ‘n send concierge care hub would give me, as a UAE resident, a simple, legal way to access US or UK products that couldn’t be exported. And by having that hub in Salem in the US, it meant I’d also save on sales tax. I’m continuing to expand my Boxit4me hubs to other countries so UAE online shoppers don’t hit the same snags I did. It’s as simple as subscribing by the month or year to access a local address at our hub. No contracts. And don’t forget you’ll get your subscription fee back in sales tax savings when you buy online from a US vendor. More hubs and more delivery options – it’s on the cards. Making online shopping from the US and UK as easy as pie.


Our Reviews


I was so impressed with the quality of service and professional packaging of my Snowboard, I got it just in time for my skiing trip! Thank you!

Amanda Roberts
Client - 1

I saved over $300 with Boxit4me’s consolidation and packaging when I combined 5 boxes into one box. Perfect service!

Racheal John
 Client - 2

"Boxit4me is the greatest service, My Husband I keep telling everyone about it, especially when people are trying to find baby things for their soon-to-be bundles of joy. We always encourage them to find what they want through the web and ship it through you guys. I can't tell enough people about Boxit4me all my friends and especially my husband swears that I work for you guys. 😊

Lucy Lee
Client - 3

"Big Shout Out to Boxit4me ! You guys never seize to amaze me ,thanks a million for being so kind and understanding of my situation. Very rare these days to experience such personal and genuine customer service and I truly appreciate it."""

Abdulla Khaled
Client - 4

I used Boxit4me when I relocated from Dubai to Riyadh as many online vendors will not ship overseas. I had a few options between My Us and Shop & Ship ,but opted to try Boxit4me, a local U.A.E based company. I had recently been hearing a lot of reviews that there service was amazing to Saudi Arabia and decided to ship a few shipments I purchased from Amazon. I was really amazed and happy I chose Boxit4me,this is a shipping service that’s definitely worth considering especially to the K.S.A Very fast and efficient.

Mahmoud Atif
Client - 5

“I found a Scottish company, Golphin, which designs and makes amazing golf clubs for kids, so light. But when I went to order online in late 2017, they said they don’t deliver to the UAE. How does that make any business sense? A friend recommended Boxit4me so I could access a local UK delivery address to get the clubs. My kids are over the moon with their Christmas presents. Awesome service.”

Fahad Yousef
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