Frequently Asked Questions

You can subscribe through our website or via mobile app and via contacting our customer service team.

Note that we provide two options for the joining fee either (monthly or yearly) please check the below options; - $7 for a monthly membership - $47 for annual membership (75% discount)

Yes, we use PayPal as our main gateway for all our payment methods where when you go to the payment button it takes you to the mean PayPal website to proceed the payment.

Lots of the e-commerce websites do NOT ship outside the US or the UK, and if they do, they charge very high prices for it. In other cases these e-commerce sites are not allowed to ship internationally due to licensing restrictions. Boxit4me provides you with personal addresses in multiple countries (US, UK & UAE initially) to make the process for purchasing and shipping the package to any location you need much easier.

No, please refer to the country guide and the information will be mentioned over there.

Yes, VAT is included in all the payment.

We work all major international carrier companies, such as FedEx, DHL and UPS.

We check all incoming & outgoing packages for quality purpose and making sure that all items are correct and in good condition. Please note we open the Outer boxing not the main packing of the item.

For the outbound shipping we need the invoice and packaging list mentioning the H.S. code and value of each item.

Consolidation: A method of shipping whereby it can combine individual consignments from various shippers into one shipment made to a destination, for the benefit of reduced shipping rates.

Yes packages can be split or delivered as one package as per the customer needs. You can also ship items to multiple addresses.

Packages can be held in your suite for maximum 30 days.

Personal Account: There is a 10% or minimum of USD 10 charge per order plus 5% credit card fees.
Premium Account: There is a 5% or minimum of USD 5 charge per order plus 5% credit card fees.

You can place the order via email. Our Concierge service email is [email protected]. You’ll need to provide information about the item and any special instructions about placing the order.Our team would require the below details
- Item Description
- Website URL
- Quantity
- Color
- Size
- Your Full name
- Your BOXIT4ME box number
- If you want us to insure the item


Our team will contact the customer asking to update the order

Will issue a refund

No, the shipping of the item from our HUB to the final destination is not included in the price of the item.

Our team will send a payment link to the customer via email before placing the order

If the order is cancelled due to an issue from Boxit4me , then no charges will be applicable ,in case client changes his mind then the 5% Percent Credit Card Fee will be deducted from the original amount.

Yes, will issue a full refund if the items was insured. If the item was not insured, BOXIT4ME liability is USD 100

You can email our team at [email protected]. The insure charge is 3% of the order amount

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