How It Works

So, once your package arrives at the local delivery address, our concierge team check the items are exactly as you’ve ordered. We even photograph them. And notify you as soon as they arrive.

How it works
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Shop online globally. Without the roadblocks that tell you that product can’t be delivered to you because you’re in the another country. Order with ease knowing your items will be shipped to a local delivery address at one of our hubs (worldwide). You can access them through our easy website or app. Then choose how, when and where your package will get to its destination. We’ll consolidate, split or personalise the packages to your needs. Your items are in safe hands with our concierge package forwarding service.

Ship to Us
Ship To Us

We have multiple hubs around the world and will expand in the coming year. We chose these locations around the world to give you the highest service and save you money. For example, our US hub address is in Salem, New Hampshire. This is a sales tax free city and ticks all the boxes for ease of transportation and logistics. Even Amazon is opening a distribution hub there. But ours is there already.

So, when you’re at the online checkout, just fill in the Boxit4me unique customer ID and the local US delivery address we’ll give you. When your package arrives at our hub, we’ll let you know. Next we’ll split and consolidate the items as you’ve asked. You’ll stay in control, too, through our in-app tracking system.

We will pack it
We Will Pack It

When your package arrives at our hub, our customer care team will check it’s just as you’ve ordered. Our team will even upload photos of your items, then carefully repack them as you’ve asked. You can consolidate, split or have us to hold onto items until the next delivery arrives. Maybe you’re a business that needs items sent every Monday. No problem. Our technology (apps and website) allows you to select your options when ordering your items online or you can do it manually in case you’re still deciding what’s to go where. It’s in your control.

We will deliver it
We Will Deliver It

That’s when you select your preferred shipping service provider (UPS, FedEx or DHL) or you may choose the cheapest way to send your items on, how, when and where you like. You’ll be able to track its journey through our app, too.

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