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Benefits of BOXIT4ME : Sales Tax-Free address

  • Enjoy 0% Sales Tax on all your packages when using BOXIT4ME, as we are situated in a Sales Tax-Free State.

    When shopping online from USA, mostly there is a Sales Tax imposed on items (Sales Tax of 8.875% from New York, 9% from Florida and 7% from California).With BOXIT4ME members never have to pay any Sales Tax on their packages.

    Orders that are purchased and shipped to our warehouse in the U.S are automatically exempted from any Sales Tax.

    Below is a simple comparison showing how our members can save with us.

    Using other Package
    Using BOXIT4ME
    Cost of item
    purchased in New York
    $200 $200
    Sales Tax
    4.50% 0
    York State Sales Tax
    4% 0
    The Metropolitan Commuter
    Transportation District surcharge
    0.38% 0
    cost ($110 item cost + 8.875% Sales Tax= $17.75)
    $200+ $17.75= $217.75 $200
  • Services of BOXIT4ME : Buy4Me Shopping Services

  • USA retailers are not accepting your payment method? No problem! We can purchase it for you.
    Boxit4me Buy4Me Service is a personal shopping service that allows members to shop with hundreds of their favorite USA retailers, that don’t accept international payments and require in-store purchase along with in store pickups.

  • How the Process Works:

  • Step 1:
    Email your order to our Buy4Me team at [email protected]. You’ll need to provide information about the item and any special instructions about placing the order. Our team would require the below details.
    - Item Description
    - Website URL
    - Quantity
    - Color
    - Size
    - Your Full name
    - Your BOXIT4ME box number
    - If you want us to insure the item

  • Step 2:
    BOXIT4ME Places Your Order Our team moves quickly, within 2 hours our team will get back to you with complete list of charges and the payment link associated to your order. Once the payment is made the team will place the order on your behalf. This does not cover the shipping cost of the item from our HUB to your country.

  • Step 3:
    Your Order Arrives at Our Hub
    You will receive an email once your order arrives at our HUB. Sign into your account, pay for the shipping fess and applicable customs duty and tax, and will ship the order to your home.
    Our Buy4Me service is available for all members. To know more email, us at [email protected] or click on the FAQs.

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